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About Us

About Tntind

T&T Industries Corp./ Tailon Group was established in 1969. It is a chemical manufacturer specialized in the production and marketing of textile dyestuffs and auxiliaries for natural and synthetic fibers.

• In 1995, T&T allocated a significant amount of investment to construct production facilities.

T&T has been aggressively expanding its products throughout the world-wide market, including the full range of Cationic, Reactive, and Direct dyes as well as an expanded line of Disperse and Acid dyes.

• T&T plant at Kuan-Yin in northern Taiwan was completed in March 1996 and has made T&T one of the world’s leaders in dyestuff production.

• Consistent quality is always the customer’s main concern and T&T has put this uppermost concept in its operation. T&T has quality control personnel to monitor and inspect the quality during manufacturing. In addition, quality assurance staffers work to further guarantee the consistent quality.

• T&T was certified for ISO-9002 in 1996 and ISO-9001 in 2003, signifying that the company’s quality control system is more than adequate to meet the customer’s highest quality requirement.

T&T also invested more than US$4 million in the waste water treatment system. This system helps to insure that T&T does its duty to keep the environment clean. In addition, T&T has obtained the certification for ISO-14001 to confirm T&T’s efforts and contributions to the environment

T&T now has manufactured Basic, Reactive, Direct, Disperse, Acid dyes and Auxiliaries, with an annual capacity of 10,000 tons available to world-wide customers.